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The First Live Show Is Done!

I wanted to say thanks to all of you who listened to the show Thursday night and who are going to listen to the rebroadcast thorough out the week. Even though I am a rookie at this live show stuff I had a great time chatting with you guys and reading your e-mails.

I case you missed it you can still listen to the rebroadcast at any time by simply clicking on the play button below. Here's what we discussed during the show:

* Kevin Sumlin to Houston
* Heisman Trophy Post-Presentation Thoughts - Why wasn't Kevin Smith invited?
* BCS Bowl Breakdown
* Scouting the West Virginia Mountaineers Offense
* OU Basketball Update
* Listener/Reader Emails

It was the first of what will hopefully be many shows and as always we are open to suggestion. Leave your comments below about the show. What did you agree or disagree with? We really do want to know!

Look for a post to go up on Monday with details about next week's show. Congratulations to Chris, Jesse and Clint who were our three winners of the OU Logo Wall Poster. We'll have more to give away next week.