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Sooner Football - Who Is Leaving Early For the NFL?

Reminder: The Matt and Matt show premiers Thursday night and we need your input!

Curtis Lofton has already filled out his papers to see where NFL scouts feel that his draft status is and says that if the report comes back positive then he'll be a goner after his junior season.

"I'm definitely putting my name in," Lofton said. "If I'm going to be a top 10 or 15 pick, I'll probably go. But I don't think that's going to be the case, so I'll probably be back for my senior year."

Other Oklahoma underclassmen are sure to follow Lofton's lead which begs the question, who is staying and who is going? We don't have access to what the NFL scouts are saying but we can use some of the draft projections out there to see what people are saying about OU's underclassmen.

Name Position Top 100 Ranking Position Ranking Mock Draft 1st Rnd.
Malcolm Kelly WR #23 #2 #21
Phil Loadholt OL NR NR NR
Curtis Lofton LB NR NR NR
Duke Robinson OL NR NR #28
Reggie Smith CB #25 #3 #18

All projections from The Football Expert

I think that Malcolm Kelly is gone and Reggie Smith is most likely on his way to NFL riches as well. As for the rest I would bet on their return for a senior season. Duke Robinson has the chance to improve his draft status to an early first round pick by returning. Phil Loadholt needs to improve on his fundamental techniques to become the beat that he should be on the line. Curtis Lofton is undersized for his position but, in my opinion, he'll be an NFL star in the mode of Zach Thomas. Unfortunately for those type of players they have to pay their dues through four years of college and still be overlooked in the first couple of rounds before hearing their names called in the draft. While it may be unfortunate for Lofton OU fans will get to see him terrorize the Big 12 for one more season.