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Oklahoma Sooner Offense vs. Baylor Bear's Defense

The Stats

Team Pts/G Yds/G Pass Yds/G Rush Yds/G
Sooner O 44.2 451.4 258.7 192.6
Baylor D 34.7 446.1 279.6 166.5

The Weakness
Baylor's defense is weak in so many different areas that it'll be hard to pick just one but we'll go with their pass defense. Comparing the numbers Baylor is going to struggle stopping the Okahoma passing game. In conference Baylor's pass defense has been even worse giving up 298.6 yards on average and 11 touchdowns through the air over the last six games. The Bears have also recorded only eleven sacks in conference games.

The Strength
Sam Bradford needs five more touchdowns to break the NCAA record for touchdowns tossed by a freshman. If he was going to do it all in one game you would think that the Baylor game would be when it happened. Tight end Jermaine Gresham is running free in the secondary of OU's opponents because safeties have to commit to the deep routes and Gresham's size and speed prevent linebackers from maintaining good coverage on him.

Sam Bradford has hooked up with Jermaine Gresham on 10 of his 25 touchdown
passes this season. Look for that number to grow Saturday

The Plan of Attack
The talent mismatch between these two schools is in such a way that Oklahoma should be able to pick the way that score on Baylor. Look for their offensive attack to be similar to what the Sooners did to Texas A&M last week. They'll pass early and often in order to expose Baylor's greatest weakness and then move to more of a rushing attack in the third and fourth quarters. What is going to be interesting to keep an eye on will be how close Bradford gets to the record and if Wilson and Stoops let him go for it if the opportunity arises late in the game?