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Oklahoma Sooner Football Surprises - Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford has a 175.1 quarterback rating! That's better than any other starting quarterback in the conference. It's also better than Louisville's Brian Brohm (161.4), Boston College's Matt Ryan (129.5) and Kentucky's Andre' Woodson (147.7). In fact, Bradford ranks second only behind Florida's Tim Tebow who has a quarterback rating of 179.1.

Sam Bradford is on his way to one of the best seasons ever for a freshman quarterback. Not just at Oklahoma where he has broken the record, twice, for consecutive completions and Saturday night against Texas A&M had the highest single game quarterback rating for a Sooner, ever. Bradford is having one of the best freshman seasons for a quarterback, ever!

With 25 touchdown passes this season he is only four away from tying and five away from breaking the record for touchdown passes thrown by a freshman. Colt McCoy took an entire season and then a bowl game to get 29 touchdown passes and Sam Bradford could realistically reach that milestone this Saturday against Baylor.

When Oklahoma began the football season the biggest question was the quarterback position. The options, if you don't remember, were an unproven redshirt freshman (Bradford), an unproven true freshman (Keith Nichol) and an unproven junior (Joey Halzle). We actually had the audacity to think that Bradford was simply the lesser of the evils and would function fine just as long as he took care of the football and handed it off. Bradford had proved every doubter wrong by the end of the Miami game when he had passed for 568 yards and 8 touchdowns in two games.

In a season that has been full of pleasant surprises for Oklahoma there hasn't been a better one than Sam Bradford.