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Franchione Officially Done at Texas A&M

Unlike the Nebraska Corn Huskers the Texas A&M Aggies see no value in waiting until the end of the season to deal with their coaching troubles. Dennis Dodd from CBS has reported that the Dennis Franchione has agreed to a buyout of his contract by the University.

It is not yet known what the terms of the buyout are or if Fran will remain as the coach until the end of the season. Earlier speculation was that Texas A&M was willing to offer around $2 million. With the results still pending from an ongoing investigation into Dennis Franchione's internet newsletter fiasco he was smart to take the buyout before it was deemed that he had violated the terms of his contract.

What this means for the conference is that the first of three coaches expected to be fired has been cut loose. Bill Callahan from Nebraska and Baylor's Guy Morris are the other two waiting to hear their fates. As the coaching carousel begins to go round it will be interesting to see what kind of new blood comes into the conference.

What it means for Texas A&M is that better days are most likely ahead. Especially if the rumors about Tommy Tuberville are true!