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Oklahoma Sooners Texas A&M Aggies Revisited

First let me start off by giving kudos to the many Texas A&M fans who were in the stands Saturday night. You guys arrived early, made a lot of noise and stayed until the very end. I mean this in all sincerity; it really is too bad that you don't have a football team worthy of the spirit you guys showed up in the stands.

 Now on to the game where OU jumped out to a 35-0 lead before the Aggies moved the ball across the goal line for their first garbage time touchdown. The Sooners were poised and very business like on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball while putting together a 42-14 win over A&M and quite possibly marking the last time a Dennis Franchione coached team comes to Norman. We'll miss you Fran!  

The Good
Sam Bradford - I'm not sure if the Sooners started the game lackadaisical or if they were just methodic in the way they dismantled Texas A&M but it sure seemed like Sam Bradford's five touchdown, 284 yard performance came on a quiet night. Bradford was very good Saturday night, completing 70% of his passes, marking his best performance since the Miami game. His 25 touchdowns now leave him four shy of tying and five shy of breaking the NCAA record for touchdowns thrown by a freshman. It is very possible that record could fall this Saturday when the Sooners host Baylor.

Bradford made every pass count with a 70% completion rate and 5 TDs. photo

Jermaine Gresham - Gresham was open all night! His size and speed made him unstoppable against the Aggies defense. I'm glad to see him having the season that he's having as he has become just as much of a factor in the offense as Malcolm Kelly, DeMarco Murray, Allen Patrick, and Juaquin Iglesias. Gresham scored four touchdowns, on five receptions tallying 80 yards, tying him with Trent Smith for the most touchdown receptions for a Sooner tight end in a game.

Running Backs - DeMarco Murray and Allen Patrick were very solid averaging 4.7 yards per carry each. Add in Chris Brown's 33 yards on 10 carries and the Sooner trio went for 173 rushing yards with 1 receiving and 1 running touchdown.

DeMarco Murray as Quarterback - Every time Murray took a snap from center it was a run play buy you have to wonder how long it will be before coaches let him throw the ball. So far so good though! I thought the formation looked good and am curious to see what they do with it in the future.

Defensive Backs - Stephen McGee isn't known as a thrower and while his 155 passing yards seemed a bit much he was constantly pressured and forced to throw the ball away because Oklahoma's down field coverage was that good.

The Bad
Austin English - The Big 12's sack leader was off to a great night before being injured, The initial report is a stress fracture in a non-weight barring bone. He is expected to miss at least one week but could wind up missing the rest of the regular season.

While entertaining DeMarco Murray's superman impression was unnecessary. photo

DeMarco Murray as Superman - While his fourth quarter touchdown was entertaining the superman dive over a standing Aggie defender was a touch much, especially since he could have lowered his head, taken a step to the side an waltzed in. Murray has to be smarter than that because the last thing Oklahoma needs is for him to be injured on a play like that.