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Oklahoma Sooners Consensus #4

The BCS rankings aren't out yet but expect Oklahoma to make their most significant jump yet in the standings. The Sooners check in at number four this week in the AP, ESPN/USA Today, and Harris polls.

Ranking AP ESPN/USA Today Harris
1. Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
3. Oregon Oregon Oregon
5. Kansas Kansas Kansas

With all the criticism that the Big 12 took early in the season for being a watered down conference on a down year it should be noted that the Big 12 is the only conference with two teams in the top 5 and three in the top 10 of the polls.

Teams That Helped OU
Iowa State Cyclones - The Cyclones may have been pesky when the Sooners played them in Ames but their 31-20 win over Kansas State will give OU a small boost in the computer rankings.

Texas Longhorns - I wonder if the Texas fans even care that each time they win they are helping Oklahoma? The Longhorn's win over Oklahoma's Step-Child University (It's almost Bedlam so I had to throw that in there!) should keep Texas in the top 12 which would also keep them as a signature win for Oklahoma.

Missouri Tigers - The Tigers crushed a Colorado team that is Oklahoma's only loss on the schedule but that's fine because the Sooners are Missouri's only loss.

Oregon Ducks - Either way this game was going to help the Sooners because both Oregon and Arizona State were ranked ahead of OU. The Ducks 35-23 win over ASU knocked the Sun Devils out of the top 5.

Florida State Seminoles - Boston College barely escaped Virginia Tech with their perfect season intact but they couldn't escape the Seminoles on their own home field.

Unfortunately OU is still in a position where they need help. If they were to win out and the top three did the same then the Sooners are still going to be on the outside looking in. OU needs two of the three teams ranked ahead of them to stumble while they win out their remaining games.

With anything still possible it will be fun to see all the predicted bowl match-ups for Oklahoma over the next month.