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Polls Show the Oklahoma Sooners No Love

Four teams who were ahead of the Sooners in the BCS rankings going into last weekend's games lost. When the new rankings came out Sunday afternoon two of those teams had fallen below the Sooners but OU only moved up one spot, from #10 to #9, after their 32 point thumping of Oklahoma State.

The problem for Oklahoma is that they only moved up one spot in the AP, USA Today and Harris Polls. The LSU Tigers lost on their home turf to unranked Arkansas and the Kansas Jayhawks lost to the only ranked team they've played this season. You could make a legitimate argument that OU deserves to be ranked ahead of both of those teams but apparently no one is buying it. The USC Trojans jumped past the Sooners as well. I guess a 32 point win over your in-state rival isn't worth that much anymore.

Ranking AP ESPN/USA Today Harris BCS
1. Missouri West Virginia Missouri Missouri
2. West Virginia Missouri West Virginia West Virginia
3. Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
4. Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
5. LSU Virginia Tech LSU Kansas
6. Virginia Tech Kansas Kansas Virginia Tech
7. Kansas LSU Virginia Tech LSU
8. USC Oklahoma Oklahoma USC
9. Oklahoma USC USC Oklahoma
10 Florida Hawaii Hawaii Florida