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Huskers Finally Show Callahan The Door

The Nebraska Corn Huskers are Oklahoma's most respected rival. We Sooners typically cheer for the conference's other "Big Red" which made last year's conference championship all the more fun and this season extremely difficult to watch. As the Huskers prepare to rotate back on to Oklahoma's conference schedule they'll be doing it with a new coach at the helm after Bill Callahan was fired today.

Typically when a conference team has a head coach that gives the Sooners a distinguished advantage we like it and wish they would stay forever. For that reason we were sad to see Fran leave Texas A&M and hope Mack Brown stays at Texas forever but Callahan was different.

His total lack of class during Nebraska's trip to Norman in 2005 and the way he alienated Husker alums and tradition reminded us too much of Howard Schnellenberger's stint in Norman. Count me in as one Sooner fan who won't miss Callahan.