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Oklahoma Sooner Defense vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys Offense

The Stats

Team Pts/G Yds/G Pass Yds/G Rush Yds/G
Sooner D 18.4 326.9 224.5 82
Oklahoma State O 34.9 500.9 250.4 250.4

The Weakness
You won't find a more balanced team on offense than Oklahoma State. Their rushing attack is led by Dantrell Savage who ranks second in the conference in rushing yards and Zac Robinson has emerged as a more than solid Big 12 quarterback who has a fair share of receiving targets. To find a weakness is a difficult search, they are even tied with the Sooners for fewest sacks allowed (10).

The Strength
Oklahoma's rushing defense is the best in the country with linebackers Curtis Lofton and Ryan Reynolds who are two of the conference's best run stoppers. They'll have their hands full with Savage but if there were ever a tandem of linebackers to corral him it would be OU's.

The Plan of Attack
To beat a team that has a balanced offense you have to make the one dimensional. OU is better equipped to take away O-State's rushing attack than their passing game. The Sooners will use superb linebacker play to try and eliminate OSU's rushing threat and force them to pass. It will be up to OU's secondary to take control from there. The presence of a healthy Austin English putting pressure on Robinson would really help them out.

OU's secondary won't have to go up against Michael Crabtree this week but OSU
will have their own treats. photo