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Oklahoma Sooner Offense vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys Defense

The Stats

Team Pts/G Yds/G Pass Yds/G Rush Yds/G
Sooner O 43.4 454.9 271.2 183.6
Oklahoma State D 27.5 443.0 309.0 139.9

The Weakness
Obviously the way to attack Oklahoma State's defense is through the air but with a banged up Sam Bradford that's possibly a difficult task. Bradford has to get over and cobwebs that may be looming and be on his game for the Oklahoma's air attack to be successful against the Big 12's 11th rated pass defense.

The Strength

With DeMarco Murray out and the occasional bouts of fumbleitis suffered by Allen Patrick and Chris Brown you have to think that Oklahoma's pass defense is the offensive strength, assuming that Sam Bradford is 100%.

The Plan of Attack

Juaquin Iglesias and the Sooner receivers will have big play potential against
the OSU defense if Oklahoma's running game backs them up. photo

Oklahoma wants to pass but for that to happen successfully they have to run first. Allen Patrick and DeMarco Murray are going to have to take advantage of extra opportunities to carry the ball due to the absence of Murray. If the backs are making plays then the receivers and tight ends will also.