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Rankings Don't Matter Anymore but the Sooners are #9 and #10

Oklahoma's loss to Texas Tech Saturday night means that we don't have to study the rankings anymore. We can now just glance them over, find out where the Sooners are, and then just move on. It also means that we no longer have to cheer for other teams to win in order to boost Oklahoma's ranking. So, if you want Dennis Franchione to go out with a bang then cheer for the Aggies to knock off the Longhorns on Friday, and don't feel guilty about it. You'd rather see OU play Missouri again instead of the Kansas Jayhawks for the conference championship then cheer for the Tigers. It doesn't matter anymore. If the Sooners beat Oklahoma State and then win the conference championship game they are going to a BCS bowl regardless of who beats who in other games around the country.

All that said here are the latest rankings.

Ranking AP ESPN/USA Today Harris
2. Kansas Kansas Kansas
3. Missouri West Virginia West Virginia
4. West Virginia Missouri Missouri
5. Ohio State Ohio State Ohio State
6. Georgia Arizona State Arizona State
7. Arizona State Georgia Georgia
8. Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
9. Oregon Oklahoma Oklahoma
10 Oklahoma Oregon Oregon