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Texas Tech in Turmoil

Things are obviously not all good on the Texas Tech football team. Mike Leach set a record for the largest fine ever given to a Big 12 coach after his outburst against the officials last week following their game against the Texas Longhorns.

The ironic thing is that the referee that Leach was so ticked at is Randy Crystal. If that name sounds familiar to OU fans he's the one who was the head official on Oklahoma's last trip to Lubbock when the following plays happened.

Leach didn’t really have anything to say after those bad calls. In fact he was pretty candid after the game when asked about it. Now the calls go against him and he wants to protest. Sorry there’s no sympathy here for ya!

Leach isn’t the only Red Raider upset though. According to this article on Tech’s wedsite receiver L.A. Reed has been suspended for this Saturday’s game against Oklahoma for a violation of team rules. Exactly what rules he violated is being kept hushed by the coaches but he did get into a sideline altercation with fellow receiver Eric Morris during Saturday’s game against Texas in which Reed threw a punch at Morris. Hmmmm, maybe on second thought we do know what the broken team rule was.