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Oklahoma Sooner Quotes on the Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Oklahoma Sooners are one win away from clinching the Big 12 South title earning the right to represent the division in the conference championship game December 1st in San Antonio, Texas.

Standing in OU's way are the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Twilight Zone known as Lubbock. The Red Raiders currently sit at 4th place in the division with a 3-4 conference record. However, regardless of the record Lubbock is never an easy place to play. Bob Stoops spoke on the challenges of playing the Red Raiders on the road.

"We are going down to Texas Tech, which is another big challenge. Offensively, like every year, they are very productive in moving and throwing the football. They are very consistent and very good. Their defensive structure is very sound. They play a 4-3 cover four. They make you really work the field to beat them. It is another big challenge going down there and another important game for us. Our guys had an excellent practice yesterday and know this is a big game and are working their way through the week getting ready for it."

OU's pass rush greatly missed the presence of Austin English Saturday night against Baylor. Stoops was very clear that English would be back this week when asked about it.

"Yes, he practiced yesterday and took at least 50 percent of the snaps on defense and felt good. Yes, he'll play."

One area where English won't be able to help out is in covering the most explosive receiver in the Big 12, Tech's Michael Crabtree. Obviously OU will need to know where he is at all times and Stoops testified to that.

"He is an excellent player, very explosive. They do a great job just going to him on screens, short passes, and long passes and of course he is the focal point of their offense. We have to be sure of where he is at. But like I said, they are a team like we are that wants to use all their players so if you get too concerned about him, someone else hurts you. So of course we have to be aware of where he is."

Traditionally the Sooners have done well against Tech's offense but they've also sturggled a few times in Lubbock. Bob Stoops says that the Sooners know what the key factors in defending the Red Raider's offense now the questions is if they'll actually go out and do it.

"It's being able to tackle in space and being able to cover across the board because they're not just throwing to one guy. Also we need to pressure the quarterback. I thought a big factor a week ago and every week is being great against the run game. If we allow them to sneak the run game in there and hurt us, it's not what you want, so we're focused there first."

Player Quotes
"It's extremely hectic to come out and have a team like that. They're going to try and come out on all cylinders. We have to disrupt them from early on and get them out of their routine. They come out and put on extreme yards and put a lot of points on guys, and we just can't allow them to do that. You really don't know until you get yourself into that situation. So we're going to go down there and have a great game." - Safety Nic Harris on playing in Lubbick

"It shouldn't have been that way. We came out flat. That is probably the worst defensive game we have played and we have to improve on that if we want to get to where we want to be." - Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy on the poor first half effort by the defense against Baylor

"We have a lot of emphasis on this game. It is an opportunity to clinch the South, and everyone is focusing in, not taking anything lightly, and getting ready to go out to Lubbock." - Running back Chris Brown on Oklahoma's focus for this game