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Oklahoma Sooners Up to #3 In Polls

The AP, USA Today and Harris polls all rank the Sooners at #3 this week in the polls which means that they'll most likely be 4th behind LSU, Oregon and Kansas when the BCS rankings come out later today.

With miracle upsets happening each week the Sooners are still very much in the BCS championship hunt. They just need to make sure that they aren't one of the teams upset when they travel to Lubbock this week or at home against Oklahoma State the week after. OU also most likely will need for either Oregon or LSU to lose another game but could possibly jump the Ducks should the Sooners knock off a Kansas team ranked 3rd in the BCS for the conference championship.

Ranking AP ESPN/USA Today Harris
2. Oregon Oregon Oregon
4. Kansas Kansas Kansas
5. West Virginia West Virginia West Virginia