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Big 12 Roundtable - The Aftermath

This week's roundtable is hosted by the Kansas State blog, Bring on the Cats, so you'll want to make sure to head over there to catch all the responses. Mine are posted below.

1.  Some teams are coming off a big win or wins (Oklahoma, Colorado, KU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Missouri), while others are dealing with the sting of a tough loss or losses (K-State, Texas, Nebraska, Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State).  Tell us where your team is headed in the wake of the first two weeks of conference play.

I would say that the Sooners are still very much up in the air as far as the conference goes. There has been a lot of talk, and I'm guilty as well, of Oklahoma being back in the national championship picture but Oklahoma must focus only on winning the Big 12 conference at this point.

Saturday's win over Texas was a step in the right direction but there is absolutely no room for error thanks to the Colorado loss. With the Missouri Tigers coming this weekend Oklahoma could position themselves to be in the conference driver's seat but there are a lot of games left and one slipup could be the knockout blow for Oklahoma.

2.  Colorado and Texas A&M have emerged as unlikely conference leaders at 2-0 (give yourself a cookie if you predicted that), while preseason darlings Texas (0-2) and Nebraska (1-1 and not playing well) are floundering.  Do the current leaders have the wherewithal to make it to San Antonio, or will somebody from elsewhere in the pack overtake them?

I would say that the Colorado Buffaloes have a better shot at winning the north than Texas A&M has of winning the south. In fact, should the Sooners run the table and make it to San Antonio, I would love to see a rematch between OU and CU.

While you have to call Colorado a player in the north there is no way that I see the Aggies winning the South. Their offense is one dimensional and the wrecking crew defense is long gone. Te Aggies may not win another game against south opponents this season.

A few weeks ago we did a ranking of the six BCS conferences, with most bloggers picking the Big 12 in the middle of the pack, which would be a big improvement over the last couple years.  Have the middle and bottom teams of the conference improved significantly, or have the teams at the top declined significantly?  Or is it something else?

All of the above! Texas certainly isn't what they used to be and you have to wonder how long it will be before they get all of their chemistry issues worked out. Nebraska is awful and most likely will be starting over at the end of this season. On the other hand Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri are all on the rise. Combine that with a talented but young Oklahoma team and the Big 12 has an interesting dynamic that will be fun to watch develop over the next few years.

4.  Getting waaaaay ahead of ourselves: What if Missouri or KU goes undefeated and wins the Big 12 Championship Game?  Would they get a shot at the national championship game?

The way this season has progressed I would say most definitely yes! Any team that emerges undefeated at the end of the season will have a legitimated chance of playing for the crystal ball in New Orleans.

5.  Rank the conference teams

  1. Missouri - They've done what Oklahoma hasn't been able to. They've won all their games.
  2. Oklahoma - The Sooners can knockoff Missouri and reclaim the conference's top spot.
  3. Kansas - Wow the Tigers & Jayhawks are undefeated and nationally ranked. Where is the time machine and how far back have we gone?
  4. Texas A&M - The Aggies won't stay here long but they should enjoy it while it lasts.
  5. Texas Tech - Coaching football is like riding a
  6. Kansas State - The Wildcats are vastly improving but must now bounce back after a setback at the hands of their instate rivals.
  7. Texas - The Longhorns are 0-4 in their last four conference games. That should change this week with Iowa State.
  8. Colorado - 2-0 in conference play!
  9. Nebraska - The clock is ticking for Callahan. How grateful are Sooner fans that Sam Keller chose Nebraska over OU?
  10. Oklahoma State - If you are going to play the Cowboys you want them to be on the road. That way you have the opportunity to not only see your team win but also a Cowboys meltdown.
  11. Baylor - Flip a coin between the Bears and the Cyclones for last.
  12. Iowa State - See above.