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Say What? 10-9-07

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Later today we'll tackle this week's Big 12 RoundTable hosted over at Bring on the Cats but for now I'd like to introduce a new feature here at the Machine where we give you a quick preview, and possibly some of my thoughts, as well as links to what is being said about the Oklahoma Sooners on the web.

DeMarco Murray's 65 yard touchdown run changed the course of the OU/Texas game but running backs coach Cale Gundy said that it wasn't perfect and the freshman can learn from it.

John Hoover of the Tulsa World is wondering, like most of us, what is going on with Garrett Hartley. Oklahoma's senior kicker is struggling compared to the standard he set for himself last season.

It's not the Red River Rivalry but John Shinn thinks that Saturday night's game against Missouri is a bigger game than Oklahoma's rumble in the Cotton Bowl against the Longhorns.

Its not just being talked about in Norman, at least one other national writer thinks the Sooners are back in the national championship race.  

The OU/Missouri game is even bigger in the eyes of the people at Fox Sports. They have the Sooners ranked #4 and the Tigers #5.

Finally, USA Today has a nice write-up on Sooner quarterback Sam Bradford.