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Oklahoma Sooner Fan Guide to Watching College Football: 10-6-07

South Carolina already did Oklahoma a favor by knocking off previously undefeated Kentucky Thursday night in Columbia but the Sooners need a few more favors around the country today. Here's a look at the games that could change OU's fortune should the right team win and the Sooners take care of business in the Cotton Bowl.

#5 Wisconsin @ Illinois - The Badgers are susceptible to being upset on the road against a pesky Illinois team. With the reputation of the Big 10 as being a very weak conference there is no way that Wisconsin would stay in the top 10 with a loss.

Bowling Green @ #7 Boston College - BC has absolutely no chance at all of losing this game! The best we can hope for is a Sooner stomping over Texas and a very, very sloppy Eagles win. Otherwise OU will have to wait until later to slide past BC.

#6 South Florida @ Florida Atlantic - OU fans learned last week how tough life can be on the road but like Boston College the South Florida Bulls have little to no chance of losing. Again, we just hope for sloppy!

Stanford @ #2 USC - Cheer for the Cardinal but sit back and enjoy the Trojans move up higher on that pedestal. It'll make the fall more enjoyable later on down the road.  

#23 Purdue @ #4 Ohio State - Seriously, I think the Buckeyes are going down this week, at home, to the Boilermakers. Purdue's offense is for real and that target on Ohio State's back keeps getting bigger and bigger. An Ohio State loss would give Oklahoma a significant chance of moving up several spots.

#9 Florida @ #1 LSU - Either way this game benefits OU. A Florida Gators loss would guarantee that they are eliminated from the national championship race and drop them below Oklahoma. If the Gators win both teams would stay ahead of Oklahoma but it would leave LSU with a loss. What do we do? Cheer for the Gators! LSU needs to lose and there aren't that many teams capable of doing it.

Again, everything good is predicated on an Oklahoma win over Texas in the Cotton Bowl this afternoon so cheer hard and make sure to check in here for the open game thread going all day long. Boomer Sooner!!!