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Oklahoma Sooner Defense vs. Texas Longhorn Offense

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The Stats

Team Pts/G Yds/G Pass Yds/G Rush Yds/G
Sooner D 14.8 263.6 196 67.6
Longhorn O 33.8 426.6 254.2 172.4

The Weaknesses
Like the offense it was hard to pinpoint a weakness in the Sooner defense until Saturday's game in Colorado. The altitude can be blamed and the offense's inability to stay on the field for any length of time certainly contributed to fatigue but teams have experienced success with underneath routs and have been able to convert on third and fourth downs practically all season.

I don't know if it's the linebackers not covering or the safeties selling out to stop the long ball but it certainly has been an issue but it hasn't cost Oklahoma until last weekend. Again I'm not sure how much altitude and fatigue contributed to it but they won't have to deal with those factors this week.

Finding a weakness in the Texas offense is like that pop the balloon with a dart game at the fair. Just close your eyes and throw the dart and you are most likely going to hit a balloon. There are so many problems with the Longhorn offense it's hard to pick just one but they do all stem from a central issue, inexperience along the offensive line. Colt McCoy has been beat up and banged around so much so that interceptions are more abundant than touchdowns. The Texas o-line isn't void of talent just experience and leadership, much like the Sooners' unit in 2005.

Coly McCoy: "Yeah, I'm getting used to living with blurred vision and this loopy feeling."

The Strengths
Oklahoma is giving up less than 70 yards a game on the ground. That is an incredible stat because when you can make a team on dimensional, and have the athletes to control the other dimension, it gives you a great advantage. Credit the linebackers and safeties for Oklahoma's run stopping ability.

Texas' inability to pass isn't because of poor receivers it's because of poor protection. The Longhorns run the ball well though. Not great but well. They'll try to line up and ram it down your throat with Charles, who has the size and speed to be a dangerous threat, but if you can stop them on first down and make them face 2nd and long then you'll take them out of their game and put them at a disadvantage. However, let them pick up three or four yards on first down and you'll be in trouble.

The Plan of Attack
The Texas receivers are good enough that you can't leave your corners on an island but you certainly line up to stop the Longhorn running game first. The Sooners will try to push back the Texas o-line and play this game in the Longhorns backfield and then blitz on obvious passing downs.

Oklahoma Specializes in stuffing the run!

Oklahoma's plan of attack will be twofold. Stuff the run and knock Colt McCoy down every time he drops back to pass. If they are successful in this then it'll be a ling afternoon for the Longhorns.

Don't forget that there'll be an open game thread here at the Machine on Saturday for you to leave your thoughts before, during and after the game. Make sure to stop by!