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Sooner Quotes on the Aggies

With the bye behind us we are once again facing a game week for the Sooners. Bob Stoops and a few of his assistants as well as some players met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the season and the Texas A&M Aggies.

The Sooners used the off week to heal up but Coach Stoops also said that they used it to work on some fundamentals as well.

"Taking care of the football was the biggest issue. That to me was the biggest factor. I think sometimes we are expected to be perfect. We run the ball as well as anybody, but if we don't get 10 yards a pop on every play in the first half then something is wrong. The other teams have good players, too. I believe we will continue with it and the running game will continue to be effective for us. It is also effective in opening up a good deal of our passing game, which has been very efficient and I don't think anyone would argue. I think taking care of the football was the biggest area we tried to improve on."

Stoops also used the media session to throw some praise towards his defense which has been outstanding this season.

"They have been very good. I think back to last game where they were out there after some turnovers and some difficult situations and we have gone out and stopped people, whether it be on downs and got the ball back or forcing a punt. They have risen to the occasion on a good number of occasions and have played well. We have played against some different styles of offense and feel we are versatile in that way, that we can match up with all the different styles out there."
"DeMarcus Granger has been very, very good for us. Gerald McCoy is really getting it. In the last several games has really come on. I think it is more than just the inside. Auston English has been as good as we have had at that position, I don't think anyone would argue with that. Curtis Lofton has had 16, 18 tackles.  He forced an interception to save a touchdown against Iowa State, he scored a touchdown against Missouri and he caused a fumble on the goal-line at Texas. He has made some huge, huge plays for us."
"I think D.J. Wolfe has been really outstanding and Nic Harris has been very consistent and very good. There are different games where some other guys have really stepped up. I thought Lendy (Holmes) was very good in the past couple of games. I think Marcus (Walker) and Reggie (Smith) have been solid and good. Sometimes I think the safeties have some more opportunities to show up and make some big plays. They have been solid."

The Sooners will face a Texas A&M offense Saturday night that is very one dimensional and the key to that dimension is Aggie quarterback Stephen McGee.

"I think he is being asked to run the football a lot more. Everything goes through him, the reads as well as the passing. His role has increased, but not a whole lot from a year ago because last year it was a lot of the same thing. They ran the triple-option and play action passes and zone reads a year ago, as well.  I think it was similar as it was last year."

Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson had this to say about the Aggies defensive unit and team game plan.

"It is a bend but not break defense. You saw last year, we had some success early, but they aren't going to give you the cheap play. Their secondary and safeties play high and they try to have big strong defensive lineman stop your run. It will be a challenge this week because the team we are playing this week, like Iowa State, is going to make you go the distance. Whether you're running or passing, you are going to have to be efficient. Their offense helps them out with that, they try to keep the ball out of your hands. That was the problem at Iowa State in the first half, and that was the problem the whole game at Colorado."

Player Quotes

"Defensively, they are a great team. They cause a lot turnovers so we are going to have to have great ball security. We realize that, and we are working on it so we can do what we need to do against them." - Fullback Dane Zaslaw on the Texas A&M Defense
"They're a good defense. I know their scoring zone defense is probably one of the top in the nation. I think they're holding teams to twenty points a game, but it's going to be a good challenge for us. I know when we get into the red zone we're going to want to score touchdowns and not three points."Receiver Manuel Johnson on the Texas A&M Defense