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Last Laugh May Be At Franchione

Texas A&M Head Coach Dennis tried to make a joke of OU's NCAA troubles this past summer when meeting with a group of boosters in Houston. If Fran would have had the ability to gaze into the future he would been able to see where scandal would rock his own coaching tenure this season turning up the heat in the pressure cooker known as College Station.

If embarrassing losses on national television weren't enough to get Fran in trouble his special internet newsletter put him over the top. While Stoops admitted Tuesday at his media luncheon that the job situation of former players Rhett Bomar and JD Quinn could be looked at humorously you can almost guarantee that Franchione will be the punch line of more jokes than the Big Red Sports and Imports scandal.

As far as the Sooners using Fran's comments as motivation for Saturday night's game don't count on it. In A&M you have a team coming into Norman who has a one dimensional offense that plays into the strength of the Sooners defense. The Aggies also have defense that ranks 10th in the conference in passing yards allowed and 9th in rushing yards. If Oklahoma needs bulletin board material to go out and dominate a team like that then that would be no laughing matter.

"No. We don't need to do that," Stoops said. "Yeah, it surprised me. But he can clarify his comments. That's not for me to do." - Bob Stoops
"Again, that was a light-hearted comment with a bunch of Aggies in the room," Franchione said. "I certainly feel bad about it. It's not my style to do that. I have great respect for Oklahoma and their program. They've got a lot to play for other than that." - Dennis Franchione