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Oklahoma Sooner Fan's Guide to Watching College Football 10-27-07

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The Sooners are off today but their standing in the BCS rankings can still improve if the right teams win. Here's a list of the teams we need to pull off victories.

Rutgers - The Scarlet Knights are playing West Virginia. While the Mountaineers aren't currently ahead of OU in the BCS standings they are only one spot behind and a loss would eliminate them from the BCS race.

Colorado - The Buffaloes are playing at Texas Tech and while the Red Raiders are still to come on Oklahoma's schedule the Buffs are the team that beat the Sooners so we need them to look as good as possible.

Missouri - The Tigers remain Oklahoma's best win of the season. The higher they are ranked the better that win looks to the computers.

Oregon - Yes, I realize that the Ducks are currently ahead of OU but if USC wins this game then they'll jump ahead of the Sooners. I would rather keep Oregon there because I feel that they have a good chance of losing later on.

Texas - The Red River Rivalry is behind us so now the Longhorns become our friends. A loss to Nebraska today by the Longhorns would damage OU in the computer rankings.

Penn State - If PSU were to knock off Ohio State today then it would really shake up the standings, yet again.

California - Arizona State is sneaking in under the radar but losing to California today would knock them back behind the Sooners.

Enjoy your stress free day of watching college football. This post will also serve as an open game thread to post any and all thoughts about today's games.