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Big 12 Roundtable - Week 9

This week's Big 12 roundtable is being hosted at the Nebraska Corn Huskers site Big Red Network. While there has been no shortage of things to talk about in Husker Nation the great people at Big Red Network took the time to host the best Big 12 bloggers around. Here are the questions along with my answers for perspectives from the rest of the conference head on over to Big Red Network.

Will firing Steve Pederson help Nebraska's program long term or will they be as bad or worse off without him?

I don't see how they can be any worse! Pederson was instrumental in upgrading Nebraska's facilities which are now among the elite in the country but it was also the same man who brought in Bill Callahan. Firing Pederson isn't enough to bring the Huskers back to prominence. Callahan is going to have to go as well. Once Nebraska makes that move they'll well on the road to recovery.

Can Kansas keep winning conference games, not just this year but on into the future?

I think the question is why wouldn't they? They are obviously talented and Oklahoma fans have known for quite a while that Mark Mangino knows how to coach. Oh yeah, they are also fairly young so they'll be around for a while which means Oklahoma will get Todd Reesing for his junior and senior seasons. That should be fun!

Is Sam Bradford at OU good enough to lead the Sooners to victories in all of their remaining games or will he meltdown again like he did late against CU?

Don't forget that the Mile High Meltdown wasn't all Sam Bradford. While he played his part there were also several dropped passes along with a crucial muffed punt by Reggie Smith.

The answer to the question is yes, Sam Bradford is good enough to lead OU to victories in their remaining games. He's a freshman so he'll make occasional mistakes but you won't find anyone in the Sooner Nation complaining about his performance.

Do the routs of ISU and Baylor mean Texas is firing on all cylinders or will this be another disappointing season in Austin?

Texas could win out and it would still be a disappointing season in Austin! The Longhorns lost their first two conference games, including to archrival Oklahoma, and were out of the BCS race by the first weekend in October.  At places like Texas and Oklahoma the bar is set very high and excuses aren't accepted. San Diego is nice in December but that won't be satisfying enough for Texas faithful.