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Oklahoma Sooners 17, Iowa State Cyclones 7, The Bad

The Sooners didn't give their fans a whole lot to cheer about on Saturday. Outside of the 17 points scored, in the second half, and the defense keeping Iowa State's offense at bay OU fans had a lot more to be frustrated about than to be excited for.

OU's first play from scrimmage was a three yard loss that resulted in OU despite a ten yard completion to Malcolm Kelly on the drive. Oklahoma's next drive ended on the second play when Allen Patrick fumbled. As if a fumble on the play wasn't enough the Sooners committed a personal foul on the play giving Iowa State a first and ten from the OU 20.

The Sooners committed three turnovers on the day and had they been playing any team above the caliber of Iowa State it would have cost them more than the 7 points they surrendered to the Cyclones. Turnovers continue to be an issue that plagues the Sooners and while Oklahoma is still the top team in the conference giving the opposition extra opportunities to score won't keep them there long.

While we want to get happy and celebrate another win the overwhelming thought that haunts our minds is that it was Iowa State that the Sooners were struggling against. OU managed only 17 points against the worst defense in the league. Of course if the Sooners had done two things differently then they would have scored more.

What are those two things? Well, I though you'd ask so here they are - complete passes and protect the quarterback. Sam Bradford misfired on what would have been three touchdown passes and coincidently found himself on his back three times.

Now, going into the off week OU fans are left to ponder how in the world the nation's most efficient passer missed three touchdowns and the conference's most dominant offensive line gave up three sacks to Iowa State? Hmmm, I wonder what Bob Stoops will be thinking about over the off week.