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Oklahoma Sooners 17 - Iowa State Cyclones 7, The Good

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It wasn't pretty nor was it very entertaining but it was a victory and at this point that's all that matters. With a top 5 team losing every week the Oklahoma Sooners, who fell to 6th in this week's BCS standings, should be satisfied to get out of Ames with a 10 point win.

On a day where Sam Bradford struggled finding his range there are plenty of things that went wrong but first we need to highlight what the Sooners did right to pull out a win on the road against adversity.

The first thing the Sooners did right was to win the game! As it already stood Oklahoma was going to need help in the BCS rankings anyway but a loss would mean certain doom to even the longest of BCS title hopes.

Secondly the Sooners played the kind of defense that Oklahoma has prided itself on since the Bob Stoops era began. OU only gave up 269 total net yards to the Cyclones and Iowa State's only score was the result of a short field courtesy of Allen Patrick's fumble.

Oklahoma's defense held Iowa State to an average of just 2.8 yards per rush on 34 attempts. They picked up only one sack but it came at a very opportune moment and their lone turnover couldn't have come at a more crucial time of the game.

When the passing attack failed to produce anything in the first half the Sooners turned to a ground and pound rushing attack in the second half that led them to all 17 of their points. Allen Patrick, DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown averaged 4.4, 6.6 and 3.8 yards per carry respectively and Brown's two touchdowns give him five over the last two games.

Points were at a premium in Ames on Saturday and Oklahoma couldn't afford to leave any on the field. With all the criticism we've given the field goal unit over the last several weeks it should be noted that they performed to perfection.