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Oklahoma Sooners Win by 10, Who Do We Watch Now?

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A 10 point win is better than a 3 point loss. Keep in mind that this game was on the road and Oklahoma already needed help in the BCS standings. Here's how we need to cheer for the rest of the afternoon.

Texas already beat Baylor and Vanderbilt beat South Carolina both of which do the Sooners good.

We need Texas A&M to hold on to beat Nebraska because the Aggies are on Oklahoma's schedule not the Huskers.

We could stand for USC to lose to Notre Dame but don't hold your breath on it happening.

Obviously Ohio State must fall but early it isn't looking like Michigan State is the team to make that happen.

We need to become Florida Gators fans because a win for them knocks Kentucky out of the race.

Texas Tech/Missouri could go either way for us but remember the better the Tigers look the better the Sooners look.

Tulsa beating Central Florida would be good for us because it will help OU in the standings and they are a state school.

Speaking of State schools we need OSU to beat Kansas State for the same reason we need A&M to win.

Colorado would certainly help us look better with a win over Kansas.

Finally, it would be nice to see Auburn get a win at LSU tonight but like Notre Dame over USC don't make any bets.

Sooners win 17-7 and remain in the driver's seat for the south division. More on that later but for now enjoy the rest of this afternoon's games.