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Iowa State Cyclones Interview

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Sizing up the Iowa State Cyclones shouldn't be that tall of an order, unless you are the Iowa Hawkeyes. While there really isn't much to say about the horrific season they are having they are Oklahoma's next opponent and it is our responsibility to get to know them the very best we can. To help us do that we would like to welcome the Iowa State blog Clone Chronicles to the Machine.

CC Machine: Did the Cyclones make a mistake in firing Dan McCarney?

Clone Chronicles: It's important to note that Dan McCarney was never actually fired; rather, he resigned. And no, I do not think it was the wrong move. Mac had started to tie himself to assistants, such as Barney Cotton, who were clearly not getting the job done. Mac wasn't about to clean house, however, so he fell on the sword. He'll be loved for where he got Iowa State, but there certainly weren't better times ahead with the level of talent we are currently seeing on the field. There's really a feeling that the staff was letting the players grow complacent after about two years ago. I'm not all that confident that a McCarney led staff would even have had one win this year.

CC Machine:Iowa State ranks last in the conference in scoring offense and defense. Is there a ray of hope for this team?

Clone Chronicles: Four or five turnovers for the Sooners, really. The offense has been stagnant at best, with an incompetent Bret Meyer leading the charge. On the bright side, however, freshmen quarterbacks Austen Arnaud and Phillip Bates are expected to receive more playing time on Saturday, with a slim hope of Arnaud actually starting. Of course, I don't know how our receivers will react to having balls hit them in the hands if that is the case. Arnaud's something like 3-of-7 this year in limited action, including 2-3 receiver drops. Iowa State would need to jump out to a big lead early and possibly induce a coma on Bradford to have a chance.

CC Machine: The Cyclones are facing an uphill battle with the Sooners on Saturday. What is the measure of success for Iowa State in this game?

Clone Chronicles: Beating the spread?  Possibly having an early lead? The absolute best thing that could come out of the game would be a strong showing by Arnaud or Bates at quarterback. I have no false hopes that we could actually win, but it would be encouraging to see some young players step up.

A touchdown not coming in garbage time would be super, as well.

 CC Machine: Give us your overall opinion on the Sooners this year and which phase of the game you think they'll find the most success on Saturday.

Clone Chronicles: I think that the Sooners are, along with LSU, a championship caliber team that realistically will be in line for a Championship game bid once South Florida and BC come back to Earth. I watched the skull crushing of North Texas, as well as bits of other games. They're a good team. Imagine if they still had that Peterson fella.

As far as the phase of the game that the Sooners will find the most success - I'd lean towards the football aspect of the game. However, I do not expect the Sooner band to even challenge the Iowa State University Cyclone Football Varsity Marching Band. I really don't.  

CC Machine: Give us a final score prediction.  

Clone Chronicles: Oklahoma 73, Iowa State 14. There's rumblings that ever since McCarney stepped down, Stoopsie has a grudge against ISU AD Jamie Pollard, and that he will try to run up the score if at all possible. Really, there's nothing standing in their way.