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Say What? 10-18-07

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We've got your Iowa State coverage coming over the next two days with Sooner quotes on the Cyclones, offensive and defensive breakdowns and an interview with the man behind the Iowa State blog Clone Chronicles. Also, the game is away so we'll all be watching it on television. Don't forget to log on to the Machine and participate in our open game thread.

First things first though. Here's what the rest of the world is saying about the Oklahoma Sooners.

Making sense of the BCS? I realize that it is hard to do but Jonathan Okanes takes a good shot at it. While Randy Hill offers this piece.  

Yet another great story on Curtis Lofton.

The Des Moines Register provides a numbers crunch for the Iowa State Cyclones.

John Shinn of the Norman Transcript takes a look at Oklahoma's rushing attack.  

In an effort to improve their running game the Sooners are looking for some better blocking. You can almost bet they'll be trying it out this Saturday against Iowa State.

John Rhode gives us the ins and outs of how the Sooners could rise and fall in the BCS rankings.

Longar is looking forward to showing improvement his senior season.

Blake Griffin is off to a good start!