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Three Concerns for Oklahoma after the Missouri Game

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I'll continue to stand by my statement that the Missouri Tigers are the best team that Oklahoma has played this season and by beating them makes the Sooners the best team in the conference, hands down.

However, that said there are three things that I noticed in Saturday night's games that Oklahoma must fix before playing for a championship be it conference or BCS. Oklahoma is in the driver's seat to make it to San Antonio for the Big 12 Championship Game and are within arm's reach of landing a date in New Orleans for the BCS Championship. That being said the following three things scare the Boomer Sooner out of me!

Oklahoma turned the ball over only twice Saturday night but in my mind it was two times too many. The fumbles (both by Iglesias) turned into 14 Missouri points and needless to say made the game closer than it could have been.

Unless we see the Sooners take the field in the Super Dome this coming January to play for the BCS championship I think OU fans will continue to be haunted by the image of Reggie Smith fumbling the ball near the Colorado goal line. You can also mark it down that if Oklahoma doesn't learn to take better care of the ball then the chances of playing in San Antonio, much less New Orleans will become slimmer.

The placekicking unit has missed kicks in four of the last five games. Including this one!

Place Kicking
Bob Stoops said that Garrett Hartley isn't the problem but there is an obvious one somewhere in Oklahoma's place kicking. Hartley has missed six extra points and two field goals this season. For those of you grabbing for your calculators that's 12 points left on the field by Oklahoma's special teams. Get it fixed or it will cost a game somewhere down the line!

Return Coverage
Against the Tigers Oklahoma gave up an average of 34.7 yards per kickoff return. I won't insult your intelligence by telling you how crucial field position is in a football game but if the defense's back is against the wall when they come out on the field then the result us going to be points surrendered more times than not.