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Say What? 10-17-07

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Yeah, I've still got those three concerns coming following the Missouri game. I got a little too sidetracked yesterday following the Nebraska saga. So look for that post to be up shortly as well as Sooner quotes on the Cyclones but for now here's the word on the net regarding the Sooners.

The Sooner women's basketball team is going to be real good, again.

After being the catalysts that propelled Oklahoma to the BCS championship game in 2003 and 2004 the computers are now against the Sooners.

Bob Stoops thinks that Curtis Lofton, this week's Big 12 defensive player of the week, could become the best linebacker he has ever coached at Oklahoma. Lofton is averaging 11.7 tackles per game.

The Oklahoma Sooners haven't lost to the Iowa State Cyclones in over 10 years and hold a 66-5-2 series lead.

The Iowa State Cyclones may have a dismal record but the do have a beast on the defensive line.

Andrew Logue of the Des Moines Register tells us why we shouldn't jump on the South Florida Bulls feel good story band wagon.