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Tom Osborne Returns to Nebraska

The saga in Lincoln continues to build and will only become more interesting as the college football season winds down. A day after Husker Athletic Director Steve Pederson was fired football coach Bill Callahan, largely responsible for Pederson's dismissal, said that he has no plans on stepping down.

"I feel responsible for the results of this program," Callahan said. "I feel responsible for a lot of things, good and bad. Ultimately, it lies on my shoulders to provide the results you have to provide."

"I know in my heart of hearts I'm doing an excellent job, a good job," Callahan said.

Now the plot thickens as the legend Tom Osborne steps in as new athletic director. As Nebraska's football coach Osborne had a 255-49-3 record including three national championships and 13 conference titles. The best thing Callahan can do at this time is seek Osborne's advice on a good realator because there was already bad blood between the two and absolutely no way the'll both coexists at Nebraska.