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Say What? 10-16-07

Later today we'll discuss three things to worry about after the Missouri win and Sam Bradford being on the list for a national award. Right now, here's what is being said about OU on the internet.

The rankings are out today and the Oklahoma Sooners are #4
in their rankings of  the teams from 1 to 120.

The Big 12 coaches talked extensively yesterday about the turnover epidemic in the conference. It's nice to know that Oklahoma isn't the only team in the Big 12 making a habit of dropping presents on the field for opposing teams to pick up. However, on the same note, the last two games have been the biggest of the season for the Sooners and Sam Bradford was turnover free.  

Garrett Hartley has missed six point after tries this season along with two field goals but Bob Stoops says that the senior kicker is not the problem on special teams.

Here's a quick glance of the remaining schedules of the four teams ranked ahead of the Sooners in the BCS standings.

The Sooners started basketball practice over the weekend and picked up another oral commitment for the 2008 class.