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Say What? 10-15-07

John Shinn of the Norman Transcript makes some great points today about the Oklahoma defense.

Jason King of Yahoo Sports thinks that not only do the Sooners have the easiest road to the BCS Championship game but that they are the team that will win the BCS Championship game. is crowning the Sooners as the best in the Big 12 after their win over Missouri on Saturday night.

Mike Mogiun raises some of the same questions mentioned here on this site about OU's special teams.

Despite the loss the Missouri Tigers feel confident after their performance against the Sooners.

Two consecutive wins over top 25 teams isn't enough to satisfy Bob Stoops. He wants more improvement from his team.

Luke Meredith says that the rise of the north may have been a bit premature as the division went 2-4 on Saturday with the lone victory over a south team belonging to Kansas who hammered Baylor.