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Oklahoma Sooners Ranked #4, Receive a First Place Vote

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With the first BCS rankings due out later today the Oklahoma Sooners have already found themselves ranked #4 in both the AP and USA Today Coaches Poll. Oklahoma is the highest ranked one loss team behind undefeated Ohio State, South Florida and Boston College.

Six teams received first place votes including the entire top 5 and #12 Arizona State. With the BCS still to come it is sure to be madness and if there were ever a season to scream PLAYOFFS!!! it would be this one.

Other Big 12 Schools Ranked
Oklahoma tops the Big 12 schools with their #4 ranking but also checking in are Missouri and Kansas, tied for #15, Texas at #19, Texas Tech at #22 and Kansas State brings up the rear at #25.

Yes, that's right, half of the conference is ranked in the Top 25. Not bad considering that just a few weeks ago we were talking about how bad the Big 12 was.

AP Poll

1.    Ohio State (50)
2.    South Florida (11)
3.    Boston College (1)
4.    Oklahoma (1)
5.    LSU (1)
6.    South Carolina
7.    Oregon
8.    Kentucky
9.    West Virginia
10.    California
11.    Virginia Tech
12.    Arizona State (1)
13.    USC
14.    Florida
15.    Missouri
15.    Kansas
17.    Hawaii
18.    Auburn
19.    Texas
20.    Tennessee
21.    Georgia
22.    Texas Tech
23.    Cincinnati
24.    Michigan
25.    Kansas State