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Oklahoma Sooner Defense vs. Missouri Tiger Offense

The Stats

Team Pts/G Yds/G Pass Yds/G Rush Yds/G
Sooner D 15.8 283.8 217.3 66.5
Missouri O 41.8 556.6 357.6 199

The Weaknesses
Looking at the Tigers average of almost 42 points and over 550 yards per game you almost want to say that they have no weakness. However, looks can be deceiving! While you won't find anything wrong with the skill position players (except for a possible injury with running back Tony Temple) the offensive line lacks the ability to push a defensive line backwards. With a quick strike passing offense you really don't need to push the defense back like you would in a ground and pound offense. All the Tigers need to do is hold blocks for two or three seconds unless the Sooners are able to provide blanket coverage causing Chase Daniel to take a few extra seconds to find a man.

The obvious weakness in Oklahoma's defense is linebacker pass coverage. The Sooner linebackers are superb at stuffing the run but just don't seem to have the speed needed to cover middle passing routes. With the Tigers quick strike passing attack this could pose a serious problem for the OU defense.

The Strengths
The Missouri Tigers passing offense is phenomenal. With all due respect to Texas Tech it is by far the best spread attack in the Big 12. Their receivers have size, speed and hands. They run precise routes and can turn a small opening into a large gain.

Oklahoma's strength is stopping the run. Although Missouri's strength is their passing game Oklahoma can make them one dimensional by shutting down the run. The Sooners defensive line is physical and can disrupt plays in the backfield giving OU their best chance at slowing down the Tigers.

The Plan of Attack

If Sooner fans see a lot of plays end like this on Saturday then it'll be a fun day in Norman.

Find the weakness and expose it! As mentioned above the Sooners have to live in the Tigers offensive backfield. By using blitzing schemes and a more physically dominant line OU will attempt to shut down the Missouri rushing attack and flush Daniel out of the pocket. It's a lot more difficult to find an open man when you are running for your life. While Daniel can hurt you with his feet I'd much rather see him running than throwing.