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Oklahoma Sooner Offense vs. Missouri Tiger Defense

The Stats

Team Pts/G Yds/G Pass Yds/G Rush Yds/G
Sooner O 49.7 482.2 266 216.1
Missouri D 21.2 302.8 265.2 141.8

The Weaknesses
Across the board the Missouri defense statically ranks below the Texas defense that Oklahoma put up 28 points and 414 yards of offense on. The Tigers may struggle to stop Oklahoma's rushing attack which could spell doom for the Tigers if the Sooners are able to produce long scoring drives on the ground.

The Tigers are allowing opponents to rush for 4 yards per carry which should result in a hay day for running backs DeMarco Murray and Allen Patrick.

The Sooners returned to fundamentally sound football on Saturday. Call it focus for a rival, call it focus or whatever but they were passing, catching, running and blocking again like one of the top teams in the country. That must continue this week against Missouri and penalties must decrease. OU will get burned if they allow big plays to be neglected by dumb penalties.

The Strengths
The Tigers are better at defending the run than they are the pass. While giving up 141.8 yards per game on the ground the Tigers are also allowing 265.2 yards through the air with an average of 10.7 yards per catch.

Pick your poison with the Sooners. They are good in every phase of the offense. They can move the ball down the field through the air or on the ground and can be meticulous and time consuming with both. Last week it was pretty easy to say that the running game had been more consistent but after the Texas game I would say that they are both even and both very, very good.

The Plan of Attack
Missouri is going to struggle to stop the Oklahoma offense if the Sooners come out prepared and focused. The offensive game plan will be simply to score and eat the clock. With Oklahoma's athletes at the skill positions this doesn't necessarily mean just lining up and running the ball. While I think OU will do some of that I also thing your see screens and swing passes to set up the vertical pass.

Gresham could have another huge game this
week against the Tigers. photo

Also, tight end Jermaine Gresham is becoming more and more involved in the offense as a blocker and receiver. As defenders do all they can to cover Kelly and Iglesias while containing Patrick and Murray out of the backfield its Gresham who is reaping the benefits by going against linebackers.

If the Sooners fail to score on Saturday it will be because of mental breakdowns, turnovers and penalties. The Tigers may be the best offense Oklahoma has faced this season but they are a long way from being the best defense.

Look for a ball control offense using the backs to pick up first down yards and the intermediate passing game to keep the chains moving.