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Oklahoma Sooner Quotes on the Missouri Tigers

Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners have new life thanks to their win over the Texas Longhorns last Saturday in the Cotton Bowl and a bevy of upsets over the last two weekends. Judging from the comments that came out of Norman on Tuesday the Sooners understand their position not only in the Big 12 conference but also in the national title hunt. However, Coach Stoops realizes that it is all lip service if the Sooners don't take care of business against a very good Missouri team this week.

"The more you win, it makes each week more important. We are pleased to be in that position hosting a Missouri team that is really playing well. Coach (Gary) Pinkel and his staff have done an outstanding job. Offensively and defensively they are really hot. They really played in a great way defensively last week. They are a really solid football team so it will be a big challenge, but of course we are excited about that challenge."

Obviously the key to beating Missouri is stopping their offense. While the Sooners have the athletes to do that they still face a tall challenge.

"They are excellent. They spread the field and space you. They have really talented guys across the board and aren't afraid to give the ball to any of them. You just have to be disciplined with your space and make sure that they don't get too much of it. We are going to have to change up our coverages. You know, I don't like to compare this year to last year. Last year was a long time ago. They are a different team, we are a different team, and in the end I don't recall a time last year where I didn't think that they were excellent. You see a lot of the same guys that are there and doing well. I think their quarterback had some great receivers to throw the ball to and he gets it out there well. Again, I thought that last year they were really strong and looked really sharp. They use their tight end split out like a wide receiver. They will come back in to block, but they don't line up like a normal tight end."

Of course Chase Daniel is the fuel that feeds the Missouri offensive machine and for obvoius reasons is one of the better quarterbacks in the country.

"He is a really good player. He has a great feel for that offense. He is a powerful guy, if he doesn't like what he sees he can scramble. He has good feet and can make some holes. He does a really good job."

Focusing back on the Sooners special teams were a questionmark again on Saturday as OU missed a filedgoal that would have sent the Longhorns fans packing and also gave up way too many yards on kickoff returns.

"Punting -- I think we are second in the league, and we averaged 46 yards per punt last week against Texas, which I thought was really good. Kickoff coverage was the issue, I thought our kickoff coverage was poor. On kickoff returns, I think we are first in the Big 12. The placements were fine. I think the problem with the field goal was that he (Garrett Hartley) just kind of pulled it. Kind of like at Tulsa. I thought the snap and hold were good and hopefully this week we can get that fixed. We have a lot of confidence in Garrett and I think he will come through. Again, our special teams overall has been pretty good."

Sam Bradford also bounced back from his first loss of the season to have a great game against the Longhorns. Part of Bradford's success is his amazing composure, especially for a redshirt freshman, while another part of it is the weapons he has at his disposal.  Weapons like Malcolm Kelly.

"He is an impressive player. The most impressive was probably that third down conversion at the end of the game that we really had to have. You know what, Sam threw a great ball. We had him running the slant pattern and Sam lays it out behind Malcolm and he makes a catch that not a lot of guys can make. He has incredible hands and runs routes well."

Player Quotes
"This is a big game, and I could be wrong, but some people could consider this a bit of a rivalry. It's a big game, though. They're undefeated and rolling right now so we're excited for it and we're amped just like we were last week." - Offensive Guard Brian Simmons on the magnitide of this game
"It's going to be a challenge. They're a Big 12 team and undefeated. Last year they had a great offense and this year they're even better. He (Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel) likes to move around so we're going to have to contain him." - Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy on getting to Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel
"Their offense is a high-powered offense and their defense is playing really good right now. It's going to be up to our offense to come out and put points on the board. They have a good team right now and we're going to have to play a physical game." - Running back Allen Patrick on the Missouri defense