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Say What? 10-10-07

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Later today we're going to look at the match up between Oklahoma's offense and the Missouri Tiger defense as well as quotes from yesterday's media luncheon but first a quick look at what is being said around the country about the Oklahoma Sooners.

Clay Horning makes a great point about the amount of stupid plays still being committed by the Sooners despite the amount of big plays turned in by a talented football team. Reading the article I couldn't help but wonder how many more big plays, and points, OU would have had against Texas had it not been for dumb penalties.

There is a very good reason why DeMarco Murray had to leap over tight end Joe Jon Finley on his 65 yard touchdown run Saturday in the Cotton Bowl. Finley delivered the key block that sprung Murray loose on a day where the tight ends blocked just as well as they caught passes.

Oklahoma has three players listed on mid-season All American team.

Over stating the obvious, the Kansas City Star points out that Oklahoma's offense is going to have to score points in order to beat the Tigers Saturday night.

Finally, while I do think it is childish to cry over a football game I find it even more so to make fun of an actual child who does. I spoke with the older brother of the kid who was captured on video crying at last year's OU/Texas game and subsequently made fun of on message boards across the land. Well, guess what? He's all smiles this year.