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#10 Ranking Could Be Best Case Scenario for Sooners

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Saturday night Oklahoma's football future was very much up in the air but today it is crystal clear. The question on everybody's mind was how far would the Sooners free fall after totally collapsing in Boulder?  

Surprisingly the media and coaches were extremely kind to OU dropping them only to #10 this week in both polls. With seven games left on the schedule Oklahoma is still in the hunt for the Big 12 championship but possibly much more.

Looking at the teams ranked ahead of OU there are several conference clashes waiting to create a possible BCS disaster. (1) LSU, (7) Kentucky and (8) Florida can't all survive. The Gators and Tigers will square off this Saturday in Baton Rouge and then the Tigers travel to Lexington on the 13th. The following week from that, on the 20th, the Gators come to town. There is no way possible that all three of those teams remain ranked ahead of Oklahoma should the Sooners win out.

(2) USC and (3) California have a date on November 10th so they both can't be undefeated after that date. Therefore they both can't remain in front of OU if the Sooners win out.

(4) Ohio State and (5) Wisconsin play on November 3rd so they aren't both going to run the table and subsequently both can't remain in front of OU if the Sooners win out.

The bottom line is that several teams ranked ahead of the Sooners are going to lose leaving the potential for OU to move back up near the top of the polls if they win out!