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OU Fans are Idiots

That headline should actually read that "Some" OU fans are idiots but it did get your attention. The truth of the matter is that most Oklahoma fans are level headed and practical like you and I. The problem is that we are the silent majority. The fans that make it onto the air ways through radio and television seem to be the irrational and idiotic type. The make me turn the dial or want to toss the remote into the big screen.

I had been boycotting the local sports talk radio here in Oklahoma City the week before the Fiesta Bowl after I heard the third person call in and say that it would be a good thing for OU if Adrian Peterson got hurt in the bowl game because it would mean he would return for his senior season.

The boycott lasted until yesterday but was quickly put back into effect when I heard a caller saying how Bob Stoops job was in "limbo" because of another bowl loss. When the host tried the argue the point idiot caller man screamed, "at OU we play for championships and don't settle for losses to teams like Boise State!"

Wow! I guess we should just fire the man who has won more Big 12 Championships than any other coach in the conference because his team lost to an undefeated Top 10 team.

To Sooner fans all across the nation I plead with you, if you are an idiot like that please refrain from using the telephone, internet or any other forms of media to broadcast your stupidity. To the sane fans of Sooner nation thanks for making a great football season even more enjoyable with your comments here at the Machine, your celebrations at the games and most importantly your understanding of the fact that football is a game in which your team will lose at some point but that doesn't erase the great accomplishments of a magical season.