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And Then Reality Hits

Texas Tech 68 - OU 54
Texas Tech isn't a very good basketball team. In fact they are average at best but they are better than Oklahoma. When Kelvin Sampson bolted Norman for Bloomington causing the incoming recruiting class to fall apart Sooner fans knew that this year's team would have more lows than highs. We just didn't know they would be this low.

OU shot only 35% from the floor against Texas Tech and even worse 20% from beyond the three point line. The put out their second lowest point total of the season (54) and turned the ball over 16 times.

I've heard all the phrases and have even said them myself. "They couldn't water if they fell out of a boat." "They couldn't hit sand if they fell off a camel." Yeah, they all apply to this team. They are great at hustling, amazing on defense and exceptional on the boards. They are tough and love to play physical but they just can't make any baskets and without baskets they can't win.

There was a bright spot for the Sooners in Lubbock. Freshman Bobby Maze scored 17 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. He is continuing to improve from game to game. He along with fellow freshmen Tony Crocker and Keith Clark and sophomores Austin Johnson and Taylor Griffin give OU a solid nucleus to build on.