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Who's in and Who's Out

NCAA Tournament Bound

6-1, 19-3 - Since losing at Texas Tech 11 days ago the Jayhawks have won their last three games by a combined score of 255-186
5-1, 17-3 - A slipup against the Red Raiders and a close call with Oklahoma costs the Aggies the top spot in the conference. A date with the Jayhawks on Saturday could earn it back for them.
5-1, 15-5 - The Longhorns narrowly escaped disaster in Lincoln last week but won none the less. They take a step up from last week's competition (Nebraska, Baylor) tonight when they visit Texas Tech.
4-2, 18-3 - The Cowboys produced a first half that could have set basketball back 50 years against Iowa State Saturday night with 17 points. Fortunately they scored 45 in the second half to win by 12.
4-2, 15-6 - The Wildcats have won five in a row but play at (22) Texas and (6) Kansas in two of their next three games.
4-2, 15-6 - The Red Raiders were moving up the ladder until they dropped Saturday's game at Missouri. Bobby Knigh's squad has suffered a strain of injuries to Charlie Burgess and Jon Plefka. Burgess sprained an ankle when he slipped on a basketball during the team's shootaround. After appeals to his office and threats of litigation Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg announced that the basketball has been placed on a two-game suspension.

On the NCAA Bubble

NIT Bound

3-4, 12-8 - The Sooners are riding a two game conference losing streak and things don't get any easier either with Texas Tech and Oklahoma State coming to Norman over the next two games.
2-4, 13-6 - The Tigers have won two in a row and have the opportunity to revenge a loss to Kansas State tonight.
(1-5, 12-8)The Huskers have dropped four of their last five and are treading dangerously close being put into the building for next year column.

Building for Next Year

(2-6, 12-9) Is it time to start questioning the coaching in Waco?
2-4, 11-9 - The Cyclones have dropped four in a row and visit (10) Texas A&M tonight.
1-7, 5-13 - Ricardo Patton has already cleaned out his office. I don't understand why the Buffs don't cut him loose and try to salvage something with the season.