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Texas A&M 70, OU 61

It may have been a disappointing loss for the Sooners but it was also an impressive loss. OU once again showed a tremendous about of heart and hustle but they didn't have an answer for Acie Law or Antanas Kavaliauskas and had to settle for another moral victory.

Despite another terrific performance from Nate Carter Oklahoma lacks the offensive firepower to put teams away and instead has to rely on their defense which is above average but not good enough when playing guys like Kevin Durant, Mario Boggan and Acie Law.

As for yesterday's game you it was obvious that the Sooners weren't intimidated to be on the road and they came out intense and ready to play. They only turned the ball over eights times which is a vast improvement from earlier in the season. Their bench outscored A&M 10-6, they won points off turnovers 12-8, fast break points 5-0 and second chance points 16-0.

The Sooners did what they needed to put themselves in position to win the game but the problem was stopping Kavaliauskas in the paint (20 points) and matching Law point-for-point down the stretch. Law scored 12 of his 19 points in the final four minutes of the game.  

I know I've said this a lot, and honestly I don't like saying it but despite the loss the Sooners showed significant improvement. The good news is that OU has a great rebound game Tuesday night when they host Longwood.