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Bob Stoops/Dallas Cowboys and Other Stuff I Missed While in Panama

In their report on James Kirkendoll possibly backing out of his commitment to be a Sooner, Burnt Orange Nation. mentioned that fact that Bob Stoops is on the short list for the Dallas Cowboys head coaching job.

"Wait, it gets better. (Which I didn't think possible.) Ketchum is also reporting that folks have whispered in his ear that Bob Stoops may just be on the short list of candidates to replace Bill Parcells. I haven't been this giddy in weeks." - B.O.N.

Despite the fact that I have a ton of respect for Peter, Andrew and the rest of the gang at B.O.N. I really can't believe they are treating this like its shocking news. Despite the total irony of one of the most hated men in the state of Texas this really isn't a story. If you have heard anything from Jerry Jones then you know a college coach is not what he is looking for. Jones is impatient and doesn't think a college coach can master the NFL quickly enough to continue the momentum that Parcells has built up.

If Jerry Jones is going to go after a current college coach it will be one with NFL experience Pete Carroll, Al Groh, etc... How many times do we have to play the Bob Stoops is on the NFL short list before people quit getting excited and "giddy"?

Why is Krikendoll possibly switching?
The rumor mill has it that he has been told that there may be NCAA sanctions coming to Oklahoma because of the Rhett Bomar situation. Hmmm, he reportedly gets told this and then shows up in Austin for a visit. I guess this gives credence to the stories that Mack Brown slanders other conference schools while recruiting.

The truth is that Krikendoll possibly isn't coming because of the depth Oklahoma already has at receiver and the lack of depth they have a quarterback.