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Texas 80 - OU 69

How do you explain Kevin Durant? How do you defend Kevin Durant? I knew that he would give OU fits trying to defend him but sweet mother his play today was simply phenomenal. The game wasn't as close as the final score mostly because Texas head coach Rick Barnes found it in his heart to take Durant out of the game with the Longhorns up 79-52 allowing OU to end the game with a 17-1 run over the final 4:30.

The Sooners were simply outmanned and out gunned today. With the suspension of Longar Longar OU only played 7 players but they never lacked intensity or hustle. They just lacked the physical ability to stop Kevin Durant.

Despite the loss there are several positives to pull out of today's game.

*    The never quit factor - We see more and more of Jeff Capel's character shining through with this team. They had several opportunities to fold up and quit yesterday but they didn't. They hustled and fought tough to the end.
*    Nate Carter - His play the last three games has been outstanding! Yesterday he set a new career mark in scoring (18 points) and shot 70% from the floor (7 of 10). He also grabbed six rebounds..
*    Taylor Griffin - The sophomore scored 15 points, grabbed six rebounds, had two steals and blocked two shots.
*    Michael Neal - He scored 13 points and also shot 50% from beyond the arch. Could he be getting his touch back?
*    Turnovers - Actually lack of them! Against possibly their strongest opponent of the season OU committed as season low 8 turnovers and forced Texas into 15 turnovers. This marks the second game in a row where the Sooners committed fewer turnovers than their opponent.

Next up for the Sooners is Nebraska Wednesday night. OU has a lot to be proud of and actually gained some momentum in yesterday's loss. The Huskers didn't get to play Saturday because apparently they have no weather maps in Stillwater and Oklahoma State couldn't get out before the ice storm. The Huskers will be coming into Norman on a seven day lay-off.