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Longar Suspended Two Games

Bobby Knight's excessive whining was finally heard and responded to by Big 12 commissioner Kevin Weiberg. It wasn't the response Oklahoma fans expected but it was what Knight wanted further proving that Kevin Weiberg has absolutely no intestinal fortitude and even he is bullied by Bobby Knight.

"On the play, Mr. Longar leads with a high elbow as he pivots after catching an inbound pass. His elbow made severe and excessive contact with the face of the Texas Tech player causing significant injury," Weiberg said in a statement. "While I do not believe Mr. Longar intended to cause serious injury, and he has no prior history of this kind of incident, I view this as a dangerous and unacceptable play. Therefore, a suspension from competition is warranted.

"We simply must convey a message that this kind of play will not be condoned."

If we are going to call it that way then Esmir Rizvic is just as much at fault for getting too close to Longar in an attempt to draw the foul. Let's start suspending everyone who exerts any extra effort in order to try to make a play.

Here's the play in question

Looks like a basketball play to me! How many times do you see a big man take the ball up high like that to protect it from a defender? He had to pivot or it would have been out there for Esmir Rizvic to snatch. This was an unfortunate incident that was a part of a normal basketball play and it is also a bogus suspension.

Bobby Knight showed once again that he is hypocritical and has absolutely no class. Where were his cries for class and sportsmanship when he was throwing chairs across the court, sailor cussing officials, players, coaches, media and anyone else who makes eye contact with him? There were no examples set or suspensions laid down when Bobby Knight when Knight pimped slapped one of his players earlier this season for not boxing out.

Kevin Weiberg should be ashamed of himself for giving in to such an irrational demand and not having the guts to stand up to Knight but he should be even more embarrassed for siding with the Big 12's biggest bafoon!

Chest out and chin up Kevin. This is the man you are in bed with. I hope you are proud of yourself

As far as Longar's suspension goes it won't really affect OU this weekend against Texas because that is a game they are slated to get beat in anyway. Where it's going to hurt is Wednesday night against Nebraska!