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Sooners/Huskies Game Preview

The Sooners and Huskies kick-off at 2:30 tomorrow in Norman and once again the threat of rain looms. The Huskies are bringing an offensive attack that rolled up 462 yards on the San Jose State Spartans. They are also bringing a defense that gave up 375 yards to the Spartans.

The Huskies appear to be a typical Pac-10 team with a strong offensive attack and a mediocre defense.

Huskies on Offense

Quarterback Isaiah Stanback (4) is one of the most athletic quarterbacks to come to Norman in a long time and should be fun to watch. Washington also has two running backs with big play ability. Senior Kenny James (8) is the starter but was shown up by junior Louis Rankin (9) who ran for 145 yards and two touchdowns on 10 carries last week. Both will play tomorrow.  Anthony Russo (5) is the Huskies leading receiver.

Sooners on Defense

Stanback may be athletic but OU has faced better or equal talent in the past with success, Vince Young and Brad Smith. Tackling is where the Sooners must improve this week! There were way too many last week and this week a missed tackle combined with Stanback's speed could be costly.

Look for Oklahoma to play Stanback the same way they played Vince Young and the Longhorns. The defensive ends will have to keep containment and allow the linebackers to make the plays.

Corner back DJ Wolfe has been picked on all week but he has to improve from last week's performance, if he doesn't look for Lendy Holmes to get a shot.

Huskies on Defense

The Huskies held San Jose State to only 59 yards rushing last week on 28 attempts but gave up 316 through the air to the Spartans second-string quarterback.

Linebacker Chris Stevens (29) is the Huskies pass rushing specialist. He is brought in on obvious passing downs and registered two sacks last week. Defensive end  Greyson Gunheim (7) is a beast but is recovering from a major knee surgery and isn't 100% yet.

Sooners on Offense

Adrian Peterson is going to get his opportunities to run against the Huskies. They may have held San Jose State to under 60 yards rushing but comparing the Spartans offensive line and running backs with Oklahoma's is apples to oranges.

Look for OU to set up the pass with the run using play action and the tight ends. I think Paul Thompson can be very efficient in the short passing game and the Sooners won't need to use the deep pass. Not saying they won't but just they won't need to. I do think we'll see more roll outs than we saw against UAB.

This will be a better test for the offensive line than last week as well. Keep in mind that the only sack last week came off of a missed Adrian Peterson block and not from the offensive line.  

What the Sooners can't do on offense is turn the ball over. Four turnovers against the Huskies could be disastrous and would show there was no improvement from week one to week two.

Crimson and Cream Machine's score prediction: OU 31 - Washington 13

Another Huskies Injury

We've tried to keep you informed all week on the Huskies injury situation and here is the latest.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Huskies sophomore defensive tackle Jordan White-Frisbee is unlikely to play Saturday. He suffered another flare-up this week in his surgically repaired foot, an injury that caused him to miss all of last season, and he has not been practicing. Willingham said the team should know more when test results come back next week.

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