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Huskies Describe Experiences at OU

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Two players on the Washington roster have experienced game day in Norman from the sideline. Back-up quarterback Johnny DuRocher was on the sideline with Oregon when the Ducks visited the Sooners in 2004 and linebacker Scott White watched OU beat Kansas State in 2001 during a recruiting trip.

"It was packed and it was loud," said DuRocher, who didn't play in the game. "The thing that's cool about playing there is the fans are so close, they are right on top of you. But they are real classy fans, real football savvy. They know the game."

"It really came down to here or there," said White, a San Diego native. "They were coming off their national championship [in 2000] and I really felt like their scheme fit my style of play. But I didn't feel like the lifestyle in Oklahoma fit me. Ultimately, that's what kept me from going there. Seattle was a better fit for my lifestyle. I'm a city kid and Norman didn't appeal to me from that aspect."

More Huskies injury news

? Ty Willingham said CB Dashon Goldson "looked a lot better" during Tuesday's practice. Goldson, who was starting before suffering a high-ankle sprain, was on the field for only a handful of plays against San Jose State. Secondary coach J.D. Williams said he anticipates Goldson being able to play more Saturday.

? DT Jordan White-Frisbee was wearing a red jersey and not participating during the part of Wednesday's practice that was open to the media. His foot appeared to be in a boot.