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Huskies Hurting at Tight End

The Washington Huskies started the season over loaded at tight end with three listed in the starting position. After the first week they are down to one because of injuries.

Michael Gottlieb and Robert Lewis will each be out at least 2 to 4 weeks with injuries suffered against San Jose State. Gottlieb broke a bone in his hand and Lewis broke his left foot.

That leaves only Johnie Kirton, who came to Washington as a running back, as the starter. The problem for the Huskies is that they want to run two tight end sets and options are suddenly very limited.

The only other listed tight ends are redshirt freshman Tim Williams and walk-on Tim Harris, neither of whom played last week. Neither one of those seem to be a viable option because the Huskies are also going to try out defensive end Walt Winter in practice this week.

Looks like the Huskies could be making some formation changes this week on offense.