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Comments on the Huskies

Bob Stoops:

"It was good to open up with a win here at home. It was good to play well in a lot of areas and it was good to see the areas that we need to improve in and work hard this week to make those improvements. Hopefully we learned a lot from this last week's game and we play better this week."

"Offensively, I was pleased overall with our execution. Paul Thompson, first time out this year, I thought did a really nice job. I was very pleased with his decisions. He had two interceptions, but there was one overthrow and it was really the only poorly thrown ball.  The other he was trying to squeeze in while getting rushed.

His decisions of where he went with the ball were really good. His checks and management at the line of scrimmage and his presence in the huddle were great. Overall, it was just a clean line of scrimmage."

"Defense was the area I was most disappointed in. I'm disappointed in taking care of some basic fundamental plays -- basic zone read, quarterback keep that everyone runs for the last two or three years. Nothing scientific about it. We weren't very disciplined in handling it. We'll work that hard. We can overcome that.

Tackling was poor and that is something we've got to continue to work on. Hopefully the more we play, the better we'll be at it. There are just some fundamental discipline areas that I think we can be better at and tackling is one in particular."

"I'm looking forward to playing a very good and exciting Washington team this week -- a team with a great tradition and history. We talked to our players about the 1985 game when they beat us in the Orange Bowl. They were national champions in 1991. They are a prideful, strong program with a strong tradition. It's Tyrone Willingham's second year and they are reviving that.

They have an excellent quarterback who is a very exciting athlete. He's one of the best you'll see as far as his ability to pass and his ability to run. They are a good, solid team on both sides of the ball. We recognize that this is another big challenge and we need to have ourselves ready to play a really good game here at home this Saturday."

Quarterback Paul Thompson:

"As a team we're 1-0 and we're definitely focused on Washington now. But, anytime you can get a win in the season opener, it definitely helps with confidence for everybody and makes everybody feel more relaxed and confident in the game plans that the coaches have set for us."

Linebacker Lewis Baker:

"They (Washington) have a really fast quarterback and I assume they will do the same thing (as UAB). But we'll be more prepared. We'll have a pretty good game plan this week. They have a really talented quarterback with a big arm. We'll have a fast guy on our hands."

Linebacker Zach Latimer:

On Washington's offense:

"It's really a triple threat that we're going to have to worry about. The quarterback needs to give the ball to the running back, and offensively they're not coming down if you try to just throw a shoulder at one of them. You have to wrap up under their feet to try and bring them down. It's not just the quarterback himself, it's his arms, his legs, and the running back all together."

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